Subject: Co-write request
Posted on: 2020-12-29 17:29:50 UTC

Alright, so I was reading a badfic (a crossover, to be exact) and had formulated a mental charge list for all the major charges that were broken in the TFP continuum.

Then, the animatronics arrived and I'm like, "Wait a second. My agents don't know FNAF beyond the basics." At the time, neither did I. So I figured that maybe I can request a co-written mission. It would help me to have someone else who knew FNAF better than I do to help.

Which is why I this post. I am requesting a co-writer. Here are some important stuff:

  • The fic is a crossover between Prime and FNAF.

  • I know Transformers Prime very well, so no need to have any experience with Prime (although some wiki diving on TFP is recommended.)

  • Trans-dimensional hopping/snatching takes place (what would one call transporting your OCs and the entire cybertronian crew into FNAF 2?)

  • Supposedly takes place during FNAF 2, although there are characters from the original FNAF up to (and including) Sister Location.

  • Fic starts off in Prime with two OCs and the Prime cybertronian crew... somewhere. (Two major charges are that the Cons are willingly friendly with humans and that the Cons and Bots aren't fighting. The latter might have been waved if this was written after Prime; however, a certain character tells me it's not, so major charge.)

  • They all get teleported to FNAF through a black hole like thing (charge, when the ground bridges combined in one of the episodes, it threw characters into a different dimension of the same 'verse with no black hole.) all because Bulkhead hit a ridge in a ground bridge on a dare.

  • All (except the human characters) get face paint on their faces and ears/accessories associated with the animatronic they have become (while also not replacing them and, at the exact same time, replacing them. It's weird, but Freddy still exists despite one of the Cybertronians becoming Freddy. Kinda.)

  • Body horror

  • There is a whole chunk of dialogue with no speaker tags besides "said," "asked," and (probably) "yelled."

  • And the animatronics speak.

If you are interested, send me a DM on Discord (My nick is currently "Am Blep") and, of you need more info, I'll gladly give it.

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