Subject: Understandable. (Also, welcome!)
Posted on: 2020-12-31 04:00:58 UTC

However, I'd suggest that the best way to make a badfic report engaging is via its content. When I see "look, yet another 'My Immortal' copycat," I'm not any less likely to yawn and walk away whether it's taking up a whole thread or a reply. {= )

When you report a fic, how about telling us a bit about why this one is bad in its own, special and entertaining ways? We have a badfic report template you can use, if you like. It might help to give people some of the pertinent background on the canon it's based on, too, if it's something a bit more obscure. (Not that Naruto is obscure.)

While I'm here, though, we discourage adding pages to the wiki until there is something PPC-relevant to say about the topic, such as missions set there. Like hS said, enthusiasm is great, and I'm happy to see it applied to the wiki, but it is the PPC wiki. Presumably, one could look up Touken Ranbu on Wikipedia, its own wiki, or maybe TV Tropes if they wanted detailed information about it in the meantime, and you might generate interest by telling us why you love it right here. While we are a badfic-sporking community, we are also a community of fans, so don't be afraid to let the fanlove flow as much as the fansalt. {= )

~Neshomeh doesn't know if fansalt is a thing, but is gonna come out and state that it should be.

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