Subject: Oh. Oh, no.
Posted on: 2021-01-07 10:48:29 UTC

I've heard a critique of this book once from a bookworm I highly respect; she used wording akin to "turned Greek mythology into fluffy romance", but I hoped there was a bit more to it than that. I don't have any problems with fluffy romance, but this is the second queer romance book I run into that completely ignores the nuances of morality of Greek mythology in favor of the sap. The other one was The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer; the truth is that I did like that book a lot, but I found the black-and-white morality of it profoundly irritating. I hope this isn't a trend we're seeing here, of reinterpreting the Greek classics by oversimplifying them - I love ancient Greek literature and mythology with all its problems and black-and-grey morality, and I feel like a lot is lost if we turn their wildly imperfect heroes and gods into simple "good and bad" characters. I think the last book I saw that gave any kind of nuance to the Iliad in a romance setting was Tell Me How You Really Feel, which is actually a cute YA lesbian romance about a high school movie, but it showed an understanding about Helen of Troy that, again, often gets lost in translation. I don't know if it's the sort of book you'd read, but apparently The Song of Achilles is definitely not the sort of book I'd read, so thank you for this review and discussion. I'm glad I didn't read it and get very disappointed myself.

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