Subject: Generally no.
Posted on: 2021-02-09 16:58:18 UTC

Just ask when the mini is mentioned on the Board (if it's from a new mission), or pop it onto the relevant list on the wiki (if... y'know, not). Most adoptions nowadays are on behalf of a specific PPC agent, so mention who's adopting on both sides of the fiction line. It's polite to not over-adopt - "one mini per species per Boarder" is a good rule of thumb, unless you have a specific reason to want another. (Example: my Agent Huinesoron will be accidentally adopting a mini when I eventually finish his next mission, for story reasons, even though I already have one in that canon.)

Then just take good care of them, give them lots of raw eggs and bacon (or other species-appropriate food), and try to avoid feeding anybody to them who doesn't really deserve it.*

*Suvians really deserve it.

Since you've got the thread right here, you could also say who you're adopting now, but it's not a requirement. The days of curated lists are long past...


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