Subject: Minis in the Fatal Frame continuum?
Posted on: 2021-02-14 11:55:09 UTC

Since the PPC inspiration has struck again, I'm writing a new mission in the second Fatal Frame game's world. Fatal Frame is a Japanese horror game franchise about fighting ghosts by using a special camera that can repel them by taking photos of them. They're very good, if slightly squicky in some ways (mostly implications of... less than wholesome relationships).

Now, the fic I'm missioning misspelled a canonical Fatal Frame 2 name, so it created a mini. As far as I can tell I'm the only one who's written any missions in this continuum, so I thought I'd ask what the proper procedure would be. The Fatal Frame franchise doesn't have any monsters it could mini-fy, only ghosts of humans. But the second game has the Kusabi, a one-hit kill ghost who's one of the boss battles, and more monsterlike in the way he looks and behaves than any of the other game villains. I figured he'd be the best choice for making a mini. Here's his Wikia page: [EDIT: this is a horror game page, so beware of some disturbing imagery/storytelling if you check it out.]

What's the consensus, should I go ahead and make a mini-Kusabi? I'd love to have my agents adopt one. Also, the sight of one of the game characters leading a tiny Kusabi around by the hand instead of his little sister is a very good mental image I'd like to use in my mission.

P.S.: If we're on the topic of video games, I might also write a mission in the Silent Hill continuum if I find a bad enough badfic. Would Pyramid Head be a suitable contender for a mini? He's easily the most recognizable monster in the series.

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