Subject: Know your fandom history!
Posted on: 2021-02-19 01:18:30 UTC

The reason slash is called slash is because pairings are traditionally written Character A/Character B. Note the slash mark. {= )

Note also that any pairing can be denoted this way, not just same-sex ones. According to Fanlore, "slash" came to refer to male/male pairings via the Star Trek fandom:

Fannish tradition holds that the word "slash" originated with Star Trek: The Original Series fan fiction, when K/S was used as the label for a story where the relationship between Kirk and Spock was laced with sexual tension, whether it was acted on or not. This label allowed fans to differentiate those sexual relationship stories from the ones about Kirk and Spock's friendship, which were sometimes labelled using "&". As fandoms gathered around new films and television series, the / mark became common as an indicator of a sexual relationship between same-sex characters.

Read more here!

And, yes, seconding Nova's answer: slash is still slash regardless of canonicity and quality. Well-written slash is good. Poorly-written slash is bad. QED. {= )


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