Subject: Our PPC-Themed Undertale AU
Posted on: 2021-02-28 16:48:55 UTC

So, [LONG-WINDED ANECDOTE REMOVED], and now I have an idea. There are plenty of crossover role-replacement Undertale AUs, and plenty of them source replacements from a group of friends who collaborate on the AU. What if we made one of our own?

Introducing: Protected Plots A PPC-Themed Undertale AU

The general gist is that each of us will take the role of one of the canon characters in UNDERTALE, major or minor, and have our own personalities brought to the roles. The remaining NPC slots can be filled in by agents or minis or something. After we've got the roles set up, we can build an actual PPC-themed premise for this world that fits both our personalities and the roles we take.

Here's the main doc for this project.

We can add more minor roles if anyone wants them.

If you want a role, just ask!

Also, despite me creating this post, I don't mean to take charge of the thing. This is a community-based AU, after all! And to that end, I will be giving a couple other people doc access so they can edit stuff. (I won't open it to the whole world for fear of trolls.) If you want to help, you can just reply to this post!

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