Subject: Chapter 10 of The World without Author is up!
Posted on: 2021-03-17 00:15:25 UTC

In which unexpected meetups keep happening, and our ragtag bunch of misfits from all over the multiverse get a little scare courtesy of a certain ace pilot from Ace Combat 7.

As usual, both in Wordpress and AO3 flavours.

Also, since we're at the 10th chapter milestone and Mai Dire Fine's 15th anniversary will come up on April 13th, Aelit and I are making a special post with also a Q&A inside! Send us any and all questions you have here on our Tumblr sideblog. The deadline for submissions is the end of this month, and you can make questions both addressed to us (which we'll answer directly), or addressed to our characters (which will be answered in-character as the addressed character... unless someone else would've beaten them to the spot). You can make as many questions as you want, just try to keep them relevant!

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