Subject: Okay, that was cool.
Posted on: 2021-04-13 11:26:32 UTC

(As a chemist, seeing '250mg sodium hypochlorite' on the bleeprin packet gave me chills. Chills.)

You did a really good job of translating the mission into comic format. I know you said you spliced an interlude and mission together, but it was a seamless merger. I think you did a good job of handling the objectionable nature of the badfic: as you said in the notes, shifting the focus to the agents really worked well.

Also: eeee Corolla, not only the best character but also has the best wings. ^_~

Now, as to 'first'... it's definitely the first translation of an existing mission into comic form, and the first comic mission into an actual badfic.

Whether it's the first overall PPC-mission-as-comic depends on whether you count Generic Surface: Breathing Space (in which Dafydd, Selene, Narto, and Lou kill Darth Kagai) and Jay and Acacia (a First Reader's picturebook, here seen read to a small child; it looks like I need to get the PDF back up). I think the latter definitely doesn't count, but the former... maybe. The production quality on yours is much higher, whichever way you look at it!


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