Subject: Will need unbiased eyes to look at this story (potentially mildly NSFW, though nothing graphic)
Posted on: 2021-04-16 03:33:44 UTC

Disclaimer: I know that YKINMK. You don't need to remind me. In fact, that's partly why I'm here.

Y'see, being a Trekkie, I kind of want more Star Trek missions in the PPC, and I remembered this story I found a few years ago. While the main reason I have for hating it is because they gave one of my favourite characters a kink, I tried to be objective and think to myself, "Would I still consider this story bad, discounting my aversion to kinks?". And I concluded that yes, I would, but I'm aware of my bias, so I need some other people to determine if it's bad. Here it is here:

Reasons for thinking it's a badfic:

  1. Benjamin Sisko seems uncharacteristically stupid, in that he doesn't just do the obvious and put the three OCs in status.

  2. Speaking of the OCs, the main one, Golu, shows signs of being a Gary Stu. He's part of a species (admittedly canonical) that changes to be a "perfect mate" and manages to make a strong attachment to Kira without permanently "bonding" with her, which goes against canon (it's the species from the TNG episode "The Perfect Mate"). He even responds to Kira when she's nowhere near him, which I think is stupid.

  3. They specifically gave Kira a "thing" about sneezing, which canon suggests she doesn't have-- in one episode, when the Grand Nagus sneezes, Kira looks like she's about to puke, and when she's sneezing due to her pregnancy, she hates it.

  4. They made "By the prophets!" Kira's catchphrase, even though she never said it in the show.

  5. Everyone pressures Kira into sleeping with Golu.

  6. Due to trying to make Golu sound congested, "major" is spelt as "Bajor", which is the name of Kira's homeworld!

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