Subject: Y'know what, I could be persuaded...
Posted on: 2021-06-11 09:25:47 UTC

... but only if everyone talks like robots. Flowers. Agents. Canons. Suvians. They're all robots now.

In fact they're specifically all Separatist Battle Droids in bad costumes. Let's see now, for my main rabble:

Yep, I'm sold on this. Obviously Grievous himself plays the SO (he's a huge fan of the PPC; in fact he's the driving force behind this whole thing), with most of the other Flowers being either Tactical or Super Tactical droids. Agents get to be anything up to and including 10-meter long tanks.

All Suvians, Wraiths etc are played by baseline B1 battle droids. In wigs. They are very bad at it. But that's okay, because they get killed off in job lots on every mission.


PS: Legolas - Boromir - Gandalf - Gimli - Aragorn - Sam - Pippin - Frodo - Merry

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