Subject: I don't know much about H.P. Lovecraft, but I have an idea.
Posted on: 2021-08-20 00:19:35 UTC

Terraria, one of my favorite videogames, has lots of references to Cthulhu. I think that playing Terraria would be a good way to celebrate. Aside from that, it's a fun game, with lots of ways to play. It's motto is "Dig, fight, build, explore." There is a bit of a learning curve (especially if you start out in Classic mode, Expert mode, or Master mode), and I would recommend starting with Journey mode. You will probably die less often if you start this way. One of the annoying things about Terraria is that you always get killed a lot by mobs and early bosses which can become very easy to defeat once you make some decent weapons and armor. If you get stuck, there is a large wiki on Fandom and lots of articles and videos explaining how to do things. Yes, I know that some people have called Terraria a rip-off ofMinecraft, but I still think it's a good videogame. It was the first videogame that I played seriously, and it's still one of my favorites. -Claire

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