Subject: Resurrecting my old review blog!
Posted on: 2021-08-22 09:14:18 UTC

I started this short-lived blogging project last year called Oculus Reviews (under a different name back then, but I've gone back and changed it since) whose goal was to feature lesser-known genre fiction books, movies and the occasional video game or other medium. I have a lot of love for speculative fiction and I've discovered some pretty rare and interesting stuff during my frequent bookshop, library and Kindle store trips, as well as forays into other genre blogs like the excellent Too Much Horror Fiction. The blogging enthusiasm didn't carry me very far because 2020 Sure Was A Year, but I'm feeling like going back and restarting the entire thing because I do miss being able to analyze and talk about interesting stuff. So, er, if you're into vintage or simply lesser-known sci-fi, horror and similar stuff, you can peek in at Oculus Reviews here, I guess.

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