Subject: Enabling text copying from
Posted on: 2021-08-22 18:40:57 UTC

It's recently come to my attention that has disabled copying of fics on the mobile site. This is a real pain if you, say, want to copy the contents of a fic from for some reason.

Fortunately, this is solvable through the magic of browser extensions and five minutes of my time making it work.

  • Download GreaseMonkey for Firefox. Alternatively, download ViolentMonkey, which works with most browsers. I haven't tested ViolentMonkey but there's no reason this shouldn't work with it. Probably.
  • Download the ffn-yescopy script. Click "Raw" on the linked page, and greasemonkey or violentmonkey will prompt you with the option to install the script. You can click install, and it will be installed.
  • ???
  • Profit.

No, really, that's it. The script will autorun whenever you browse to and undo that pesky copy disabling. Of course, you are letting me run code on your computer (it should be properly sandboxed, but still), so hopefully you trust me. Although the code should be short enough to read (my code is one line and then it relies on 30 lines of other people's code, and jquery, which is so widely used that you can probably trust it).

Hopefully this is useful.

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