Subject: That's the one that came to mind, yeah.
Posted on: 2021-08-25 12:37:02 UTC

It just seems weird, though, that the Lay of Leithian would be the song of Luthien a Veren for example (though maybe that's why it's Beren a Luthien instead?). It also means that proper nouns almost certainly never take the definite article - because otherwise the book of the Elder Days would be called i Hilmarillion.

Though that would be a loan-word itself; apparently the best Sindarin word we have for Silmaril is the Noldorin "Silevril", which probably is an adapted loan-word. With Sindarin not having a genitive case (except in the Doriathrin), the literal translation of 'Silmarillion' would just be "Silivril", the plural form of the noun - "Silmarils".

hS, rambling

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