Subject: I wonder...
Posted on: 2021-09-11 18:16:05 UTC

I know nothing about the subject of horror film theory in general, but I have heard a discussion or two about how violence—especially violence against women—is romanticized. "Oh look at this beautiful girl, so virginal and pure with her white gown and white skin, such a tragedy she's dead, so sad nothing can be done, single tear, okay we move on now." So that plus your post makes me think that gore might be used to prevent that kind of romanticization. Like... no. Violence against women is not a beautiful tragedy, it is disgusting, and you should feel viscerally disgusted when you see it, and you should know that something can and should be done to stop it.

Not that just any over-the-top movie gore would achieve that effect, and there may be a danger in overdoing it to the point that audiences become inured, but I do second Scape's point that it can be used to achieve a particular effect you wouldn't get if you sanitized it. Sometimes it's important to make people look at something they don't want to see.


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