Subject: Unrelated, but I'm also still blogging!
Posted on: 2021-09-25 07:04:16 UTC

Don't want to start another self-promotion thread, but I've brought some interesting stuff to the blog in the past month or so, including a review of a horror novel I adored and 100% recommend to everyone who likes chilly, moody ghost stories; a Romanian edition of The Exorcist (warning for body horror cover art); and just today, a post about some used copies of excellent vintage genre fiction I've managed to score lately. So if any of these sound like something you'd be interested in checking out, my blog is waiting for you with open arms. I'm especially proud of the review I wrote of Cast a Cold Eye - I feel like it's one of my more thoughtful and in-depth writings, and I hope I did justice to a wonderful, beautifully written book. (Seriously, it's so good.)

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