Subject: The cycle continues.
Posted on: 2021-09-25 13:04:17 UTC

My memory of RTD is that he had trouble with his finales - at least two of them Deus Ex Machina'd the problem away, in one case with a huge lampshade hung on it by the Master ("Then nothing will happen!"). We were also really, really annoyed by his treatment of Martha, specifically the way she randomly ends up in a relationship with Mickey because they're both black. I don't think they'd even met for more than 30 seconds before he dropped that in.

That said, episodes in his run were I think more consistently good than Moffat - who hit both the highest and lowest points - and Chibnall - whose serieseses have been depressingly mediocre throughout. So, y'know... fine.

I do wonder whether the BBC is doing this because they think the show "needs saving", though. Ratings and viewing figures have trended generally downwards from the start, so some bright spark might have gone "Rusty gave us our highest ratings, let's get him back!"


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