Subject: My contribution
Posted on: 2021-09-25 22:26:26 UTC

O'Ryan is not allowed to have a real lightsaber.

-Or a real sword

-Or a gun

-Or anything from the PPC armory, in general. He's allowed to keep his scythe from that one Mary Sue, though.

Kittyauthor is not allowed to wear her Lucian cloak. It's too big for her. Do not convince her to wear it unless you want to anger O'Ryan.

-Although O'Ryan can.

-Crow cannot, for the same reason Kitty cannot.

O'Ryan is no longer allowed to hold grenades.

-At this point, it's clear he's a jinx and shouldn't hold anything remotely explosive, exluding CADs. So don't give him explosive stuff.

(Edit: Included "you" in statements since this is a list about things you are not allowed to do.)