Subject: Taking a quick look via the search function...
Posted on: 2021-09-27 12:06:08 UTC

between "spike1970" and "Spike 1970" you seem to have posted:

  • 7 times in 2018.
  • 26 in 2019, with 7 of those being identical "Happy cake day" messages. All the "Spike 1970" posts are from here.
  • 4 times in 2020, two being cake days.
  • 7 times in 2021, of which three are on this thread.

As you've clarified you're not on the Discord, I think you can see how this isn't something we'd call active.

Taking a very quick look over your samples, I can see a tense shift in the first two lines of #1, enough ellipses to drown a Suvian in across the whole of #1, and the fact that in #2 you seem to believe the DIA is the same as the Department of Intelligence. Oh, you also have your agent directly attack a thankfully-hypothetical author with the line "that fart-huffing stuthor [...] how sick was that guy?"

The above is absolutely not a full discussion of the samples, but yeah, even without the lack of activity I'd have to say Permission Denied at the moment.


PS: Why are we talking about activity? Because almost 20 years in, the PPC isn't just a setting - it's a community and a shared universe, and we try very hard to keep all the stories in it broadly consistent with each other. If someone's going to have freedom to add whatever they like to that, we want to know them well enough to be confident that they won't add things that break it for everyone. We're not just giving you permission to borrow the setting - we're giving you the keys to the whole clubhouse. ~hS

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