Subject: Thoughts on SCUs? (Also apologizing for prev behaviour)
Posted on: 2021-10-02 19:34:41 UTC

First of all, sorry for any bigoted behaviour I may have done in the past, I won't do it again...

I also note that my first language is not English, so anything I may say may be phrased in the wrong way...

Also, there's a trend on Deviantart, the 'Shared Crossover Universes', started by a certain Wolfblade111 with his Guardian-Verse, and about thirty others have joined in with their own. They basically are gigantic crossovers where they mash things they like together, and sometimes crossover with one another.

Ten of them are currently doing a tournament called 'Multiversal Combat', which just takes from Dragon Ball Z's Tournament of Power and mashes up their crossover universes together in one big battle to see who's the strongest.

There's many of them, and I will mention a few of them:

Guardian-Verse (Wolfblade111), Vice-Verse (JackDev99), Crossverse (Simbiothero), Krimzonverse (Spiroucore/Prohyas) (recently moved accounts to focus exclusively on the Krimzonverse), Alter-Verse (Deathbattleultimatum), J Re-Verse (jmp01), and Comics!Verse (oceansongbird).

Thoughts on the SCU fic universes?

(Note that Wolfblade and Jack are very problematic people, and this sours the idea of it a little bit)

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