Subject: Paging hS and Tolkien fans for some help!
Posted on: 2021-10-03 14:50:46 UTC

So... I'm reading all three volumes of Lord of the Rings in one go for the first time (I've read volumes individually, read fragments, saw the movies, browsed the Wiki and so on, but never read the entire story in one go), and the urge to get a Middle-earth themed tattoo is getting overwhelming. Obviously I'm going to think it over for a month or two before I run to the tattoo parlor, but LotR is one of the two franchises whose themes and world mean so much to me that I want to commemorate that meaning somehow. What I was thinking of was "Hope" in Sindarin, written in Tengwar - bit basic, maybe, but hope and courage in a dark world is one of the themes of this story that really stuck with me, especially with Current Events going on. Now, since my knowledge of Middle-earth languages and especially writing is a lot, lot less than I'd like, I'm asking you folks to help me out a little and tell me what that would look/sound like. A friend (and the Sindarin dictionary I usually use) tells me that 'estel' is the word I'm looking for, and as far as I remember my canon I'm inclined to agree, but can anyone show me what that would look like in Tengwar?

~Oculus, with very sore eyes because he read 200 pages of Fellowship today instead of the planned 20

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