Subject: Is it, though?
Posted on: 2021-10-16 15:06:48 UTC

Yeah, it's one of those "Cupcakes"-esque fics that takes a cute children's cartoon character and turns it bloody, but the writing is fine. I spotted a few punctuation errors (periods and commas outside double-quotes; sound familiar?), but that's it.

Around here, we believe that anything can be written well, from "girl falls into Middle-earth" to "cute character goes on a murder spree." You don't have to like it, because taste is subjective, but finding an idea not to your taste is not grounds for a sporking. Would you enjoy this story if it were about a different character, or didn't involve Japan? (Personally, I think I could find it pretty funny if the situation were reversed, and Pikachu [for example] lost his mind after being abused by an American company...) Also, where would the mission's humor come from? It's okay if bits of a badfic make you angry, but the best sporkings are based on canon-love and humor, not anger.

Also, always remember the MST3K mantra: It's just a show fic, I should really just relax. Counterintuitive, I know, but it's important to maintain perspective so as not take a silly hobby too seriously. {= )


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