Subject: If you don't get any other takers...
Posted on: 2021-10-31 06:35:17 UTC

I remembered I have an agent pair in Floaters. Since I created them mostly to prove a point, they're not very developed, so I wouldn't mind loaning the human of the pair, Caprice. She likes movie monsters, and she could also have a soft spot for Disney's Quasimodo. She may or may not even have read the original Victor Hugo novel. She appears in this faux–Permission piece and in the PPC HQ Hunger Games, Season 5.

She's your typical college-age PPC agent. I have it in mind that she may be Latina, two or three generations descended from immigrants to the US (not sure from where exactly). She's pretty cheerful, as you'll see from her appearances so far; I think she's probably more interested in touring the Multiverse and seeing cool canonical stuff than writing charges, and wouldn't mind Sues so much if they would just get out of the way. (In contrast, her partner is a persnickety, old-as-balls Nosgothic vampire who thinks drinking blood straight from the source is barbaric if not downright perverted.) She'd be happy to serve as a canon tour guide and point out interesting details about the setting and stuff—insofar as they get to see any, of course.

She might also tease Kaguya about resembling assorted creepy, pale, dark-haired ghosts. This thought amuses me. "Hey, did somebody wrong you so badly you were driven to infanticide in your old life? Is that why you're currently soaking wet and spinning on a golf tee with crabs pinching every other finger and your left ear?"

BUT, that's only if nobody else wants in. Please stop me from getting carried away and overcommitting myself. ^_^;


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