Subject: Hilarious MHA badfic [NSFW]
Posted on: 2021-11-08 06:28:50 UTC

Featuring lots of badly written sex, bad SPaG galore, a bizarre and nonsensical plot in which the cast travels to France and… you know what, let this cited sample speak for itself:

And uraka was there and she was wearing A REELLY SEXY TSHIRT WICH SHOWED HALF OF HER TITSSSSS! And isuku was shitted in her chair in class and watching urakas boobs and thinking : Wow i reelly wanto grab them and do sex things. And he started to excite and he feeled a bone that was growing inside of his penis and making it biger and biger and it was like 5 inchs longs! (THATS BIG OK!)
Also featuring: absolutely zero paragraph breaks in the first chapter, an African OC named "sdfwivesui", an inexplicable Death Note and mention of "leloch lampreruough" at one point.

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