Subject: Apologies for my absence
Posted on: 2021-11-14 23:13:08 UTC

The last time I posted anything on the Board was back in late September, by the looks of it. O_o

So, uh, hello again. Apologies for the 2-ish month absence. I have some things to say, I guess.

  1. I won't be extremely active until May-ish due to personal reasons (and school) taking up my life. Life kinda sucks right now.

  2. I moved all my claims to unclaimed and deleted two of my claims by accident oops because I don't plan on writing any more PPC missions/interludes in the near future. I hope I didn't mess up the Wiki pages too much.

  3. And I'm sorry for my absence. I'll mostly be lurking on the Boards when I can.

I hope, when I have more free time, I can be more active, but I'm not sure. I'm really not sure.

-kA, who is tired and hopes it's okay to start a thread about returning-ish

Edit: I forgot that September is the 9th month, not August.

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