Subject: Am seeking a Yu-Gi-Oh beta
Posted on: 2021-11-27 18:35:21 UTC

Hey, folks, I decided to publish a new mission that has been sitting, ready to be beta'd, in my Docs for a while. It's a Yu-Gi-Oh badslash mission, but it doesn't require a whole lot of canon knowledge and it's fairly short (10 Docs pages). Some knowledge of my agents is necessary though, but I can give those details to whoever agrees to look this mission over, because there isn't that much context behind them as of yet. The mission contains a bit of innuendo and mild language, but it's nothing mind-scarring, which is a bit of a miracle considering that it's a badslash mission written by me. : D Seriously, it's really pretty tame. I know PG-14 isn't a thing, but I'd call it something like that. Re: canon knowledge, I only know a fraction of Yu-Gi-Oh and I could still mission this just fine, so while knowing the anime better than me is preferable, I think that some PPC and Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki browsing should be enough to go see if I wrote anything inaccurate. I'd love to publish this mission soon, short as it is, so thanks in advance if anyone signs up for it.

I'm more active on Discord, but if someone doesn't recognize me over there, I'll also reply to any messages in this thread.

~Oculus, who only occasionally signs their posts for some reason

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