Subject: YES!
Posted on: 2022-01-01 05:22:15 UTC

It was one of my favorite browser games when I was young! I had a gir pixie and a boy pixie, I think. Probably not at the same time.

I remember loving a multiplayer "party game" of sorts where one had to pass around a kernel of corn, and whoever it popped on first got out. That was fun.

I think my favorite minigame was the one with the main water pixie where, I think, you bounce a bubble over to an area (similar to, if anyone played Neopets, Sophie's Stew, except this was bouncing over to a safe place and not bouncing items into a cauldron).

I think it was fish to a river, not for sure.

But, anyways, I loved the gane. I remember when it closed down, I was a wreck. I loved that game, so I cried a ton when I knew it was gone.

TL;DR: Yes. Enjoyed it as well.

-kA, who keeps forgetting that staying up until midnight is a challenge.

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