Subject: 💦 Oh, I am terribly sorry,
Posted on: 2022-01-03 00:09:39 UTC

This has never happened, the mini-daruma never made noise before. I will take full responsibility for this grave oversight; I can try training the mini to be quiet before sending it back to you. Once again, I am terribly sorry about this 💦

[[Yuki speaking: Yay, it's the one my agents sent (since you only got one, let's say it's Ichimokurens)! Since I can't work this into Guyatchi's dialogue up there, Imma add it here: the daruma is traditionally a lucky item, so RC 381 sent their mini-daruma as a token of New Year goodwill to whoever shall receive them. I do have one request however: don't put stories featuring them on AO3, Wattpad, LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Other sites/Google Docs are cool though 😉]]

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