Subject: Claire watched him from the wondow. "What the hell..." they muttered.
Posted on: 2022-05-04 19:27:23 UTC

They sat down on the bed, and sang a healing spell to themself. They cleaned their knife on on the bedsheets, put it back in its sheath, then used some of them to wrap their hand up. They cleaned Nienor's knife as well, took its sheath off of the Marizu's belt, and put it on their own. It was a well-made knife of Terraeriahen make. Now they needed to get out of the castle. It would probably crumble on it's own fairly quickly if there was no one to keep up the spells that sustained it. They sang another spell to make the body vanish, and went through the cupboard door, closing it behind them. They walked quietly down the steps, stopping at the bottom to put their shoes back on. In the distance they heard pounding on the door of the master bedroom. There was so much chaos that no one noticed them slip out from under the tapestry and walk out the gates.

Having an injured hand made it difficult to do things such as cook food, but they managed. It took them almost two days to get back to the ship.

"What happened to your companion?" Hyacinth asked.

"He turned out to be a disguised Troll and tried to betray me to the Marizu. I was still able to get rid of her, but I got this for it," said Claire, showing Hyacinth their bandaged hand. "Let's get going."

They sailed back to Borrd, where they were welcomed joyfully by the people. Thus ended the first quest of Claire Book.

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