Subject: I don't think Neshomeh's going to be able to help you with that.
Posted on: 2022-05-11 12:41:29 UTC

Firstly, because it sounds like you have an issue more broadly with as a whole, or, based on this thread, with your internet/network settings. The PPC hasn't had an IT department since the Marigold was exiled back in '99, we can't fix your computer. :)

Secondly, because you've provided, like, zero information. I have five different sign-in options for Fandom, along with the "Forgotten password?" option. Your issue could be anything from "sometimes when the username/password fields autofill you have to click away to let the login button activate", through "your Apple account has been disabled", right up to "Fandom have blocked your IP address". The only thing I can really say is: works for me on Chrome and Edge, so nothing's wrong with the Wiki.

(Also, general comment while I'm here: there's no need to edit your comments to people out of existence once they've addressed them. The Board's edit function should be used sparingly, otherwise things get confusing. Thank you!)


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