Subject: Reminder: the Chicago 2022 Gathering is set for June 11-12!
Posted on: 2022-05-12 03:16:14 UTC

That's only four weeks away. It's probably about time to start deciding what we want to do!

The basic outline of events will probably look something like this:

June 1-5
Anyone planning to attend the Gathering gets a COVID test so as to have results by June 8 at latest. Anyone who tests positive stays home. Phobos and I will probably test earlier so we can warn anyone planning to stay with us to make other arrangements or cancel if we really have to. We're fully vaccinated and boosted and continue to take precautions, so I don't anticipate this being an issue, but better safe than sorry.

Friday, June 10
Evening: PPCers arrive in Chicago.

Saturday, June 11
Morning: PPCers meet up at landmark/venue TBD.
Afternoon: PPCers hang out at venue(s) of choice, making in-jokes and generally being silly.
Evening: PPCers who are comfortable doing so retire to Neshomeh and Phobos' apartment for board games, pizza, and birthday cake, because it's Neshomeh's birthday!
Night: PPCers who are not crashing at Neshomeh and Phobos' place go back to their hotels.

Sunday, June 12
Morning: PPCers who don't have to go home yet regret staying up so late last night, but are still running on sugar and adrenaline, and meet up at other landmark/venue TBD in good spirits.
Afternoon: PPCers who don't have to go home yet get tired quickly and act even sillier than the previous day at venue(s) of choice.
Evening: Anyone still a-Gathering gets food somewhere, then goes to wherever they're staying that night.

Monday, June 13
Morning: Anyone still at Neshomeh and Phobos' place gets kicked out to fend for themselves on the streets of Chi-town. Unless they just go home instead.

Anyone is welcome to join in and depart at any time, depending on availability and comfort level.

The question is: join in with what? What venues shall we traumatize visit? {= D My suggestions in this post are still my suggestions, though go here for current lists of free things to do and here for a current list of 10 things to do under $10. The bigger museums don't seem to have any convenient free days, but honestly, the free days tend to be really crowded and not so fun anyway.

Note that several of us will be using public transit to get around, so we'll want to check accessibility. We'll also need to keep an eye on the weather and have a back-up plan if we want to try for something outdoors, like the Lincoln Park Zoo.

If you plan to attend, let us know what interests you! I'm up for pretty much anything, especially if I haven't been there before. ^_^


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