Subject: Something tells me you're the first to do Touken Ranbu.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 16:00:50 UTC

Through the very scientific process of "searching 'Touken Ranbu' on the Board", I've noted that you're the only Boarder who's made extensive comments about it on here. And that's not really a problem -- I've frequently found myself being the only one contributing to missions in various fandoms (Battlestar Galactica and BBC Sherlock, I think, and more recently MDZS).

Like hS says, the possibility of contradictions and overwriting is part of the fun. Take Dr Niamh Tran, for example -- 2008 me didn't know Niamh was an Irish name, assumed it was Vietnamese, wrote her that way, and now Dr Tran vacillates between both ethnicities with absolutely no explanation as to why (besides it being funny, anyway). HQ is weird enough that most unexplainable things and noodle incidents will probably just be waved off with "oh, a plothole did it" or "must be Tuesday". Things don't have to make sense!

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