Subject: I fed it bits and pieces of regency setting AUs I did,
Posted on: 2022-07-12 00:11:36 UTC

even the bit where I straight up made Thorin quote Mr Darcy, and I even took out the blatant references to Hobbits and whatnot. I got Mark Twain.

Honestly, I think this AI needs a bit of updating. It hasn't gotten any new authors to compare to since the last time I ran into it, in like... 2013, haha. I get the feeling that any allusions to magic tend to immediately give you JKR as a result, because somehow my original worldbuilding regency-fantasy AU for Supernatural and my modern Selkie AU for Yuri on Ice got JKR and the one common denominator between the two is... magic.

Also got Chuck Palahniuk on a very Good Omens-esque angel bureaucracy fic, so. Huh.

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