Subject: re: It's the End of the World (and I Feel Fine) + 20 (and I Feel Fine)
Posted on: 2022-07-18 17:16:47 UTC

Yeah, this really does feel like a very final finale, doesn't it? Looking back over the series, I see how Nath structured things so that the Fellowship and Suvians would be underground in Moria when the worst of the reality dysfunctions would start to occur. The nothingness can't reach underground yet, so the caverns block the Suvians from realizing just how far astray they've led things . . . I guess the one thing I would have liked better is if they had been shown to realize just how far-reaching the consequences of their actions were, but I suppose they would need a crash course in Middle-earth's history first, anyway; I doubt they even know who Morgoth is, to begin with! But yeah, back to my original point, the breakdown was well timed to shield the protagonists from realizing what was happening.

It's rather horrifying to think about the desperation and confusion Galadriel and Elrond have felt in this story to actually resort to putting on their Rings . . . I suppose it would be some comfort for them to find out that Mordor would likely be erased by the nothingness as well, so Sauron would never have the time to move against them once he sensed the Rings.

I am definitely not going to spend time counting (got a primary ballot to fill out today), but those 20 assassins in the final scene: that must be just about every DMS agent who had actually been written at that point, huh? I don't recognize the assassin with the Sith robes, but I wonder if that's meant to be an "Agent Nath" stand-in for the author?

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