Subject: Mina and Carlisle.
Posted on: 2022-07-19 17:59:11 UTC

“Look!” said Mina, waving a pamphlet around. “Look at this, Carly! There’s a talent show! Don’t you wanna come?”

“No.” said Carlisle. “This is just like the time you tried to join the orchestra. I’m not joining you. And don’t call me Carly.”

“Fine.” said Mina. “I can play guitar just fine without you.”

She grabbed her pink guitar from among the many random objects strewn on her side of the floor and strode out of the room.

Well, at least I don’t have to hear the horrible guitar playing, he thought. Only the rest of the PPC does...

Carlisle ran out the door after Mina, hoping that he could spare everyone else from Mina’s horrible guitar playing.

When Mina arrived at the Small Auditorium, as indicated on the pamphlet, she stared in amazement. The auditorium was full of various agents practicing their talents—though most of them were simply sitting and chatting. There was a fire-eater, several dancing zombies, and a large group that was singing sea chanties.

“Please, Miss, take a number,” said a man in a dapper suit.


The man in the suit handed her a piece of paper with the number ‘493’ on it. “Take this and find a seat. Madame Marcela will call your number when it’s your turn. You’re lucky, we’re almost out of room here.”

“I’m so excited!” said Mina.

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