Subject: Greetings! Have an origami boat!
Posted on: 2022-07-26 20:38:55 UTC

May it bear you over land and sea until your home recieves you at the journeys end!

No, I don't usually talk like that. I was in a making an overly wordy and somewhat old-fashioned speech sort of mood. I am also a cat lover, and I share my house with my family and three cats. We generally get along fine. I write a bit here and there, but I don't seem to have had much time for it lately. I've written a few original fics,poems, and a few fanfics. I haven't written much PPC stuff, but I have some stuff started. I am thinking about inventing another story about a restaurant in HQ and the people who run it. Also, here is my AO3 account, which is where I put up things that I think are good enough to be out in the open and having people looking at them.

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