Subject: re: interlude
Posted on: 2022-08-03 12:40:57 UTC

Hey, this is fun! Nice to get to see some agent alternates in their home environment for a bit. It's funny seeing how recognizable these guys are in relation to their agent analogues! You've translated them into Twisted Wonderland well.

That excerpt from the textbook is intriguing, too! I wonder how many continua could have scraps of info relating to PPC cosmology, hidden away as notes in little corners . . .

A couple errors:
Besides, have you been walking around all day with you shirt buttons misaligned?

". . . the history of rainbow cottonpuff cultivation." with the twinkle . . .
Should be a comma instead of a period, since the sentence continues beyond the quotation.

—doctorlit wonders where the Headless Horseman dorm is. doctorlit demands a Headless Horseman dorm!

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