Subject: Finally had a chance to sit and watch this!
Posted on: 2022-11-21 04:12:16 UTC

I don't know much about Warcraft, but I had rather guessed the outcome of this fight. The One Ring is a major source of power, and we know well how borderline indestructible it is. Plus, the Lich King is themed heavily around cold, so I figured he wouldn't have any surprise fire spells that would reach a hot enough temperature to melt it.

I do like that the fight got rather abstract and spiritual towards the end; it feels very fitting for a matchup that involves Middle-earth. It's one thing for Warcraft to treat souls as physical matter that can be removed from living things, but Sauron's status as a fully spiritual being, and the very abstract, song-based magic of Tolkien's universe in general, are still quite unique within the fantasy genre, and I'm glad they were able to portray that (impressively!) in the battle animation.

—doctorlit enjoys Death Battle, despite how hyperbolic the concept feels

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