Subject: Another year, another boardiversary...but it's been a *decade* now.
Posted on: 2023-01-13 09:04:29 UTC

It's a bit different to what I vaguely remember I thought it might be ~ten years ago in idle daydreams (as one does). I'm not especially active here (you may have noticed :P), I haven't finished all the stories I'd hoped to...I don't really know what to think. I don't really know what to say.

I do hope to put up the vast majority of the stories (almost entirely interludes) that I started over the years (most from about 2013-2018). I have a framing device to deal with the fact that many are unfinished. I think (hope) it will be fun for people to read, and I would like to know I got all those drafts shared for the sake of my younger self who really wanted to share them and so I can close that chapter of my writing life. I continue to write, and a little of it (mostly cowritten stuff, primarily Jacques/Jenni) is currently slated to still be PPC (interludes, with two pre-decided and -started exceptions), but at this point I'm not going to finish the vast majority of those earlier drafts - so why not share them? The primary issue is just time+energy to prepare these and put them up; it's a bit of a big project, and I work full-time these days. A few are already ready to go, though; maybe I'll even put them up in this thread...? I'll have to see what's in that folder.

At any rate: decade!boardiversary is apparently here. Please help yourself to a '10'-shaped treat (there's a variety), and I hope you'll enjoy younger!DawnFire/Zingenmir's wealth of ideas when I finally start putting them up!

~Z, super-officially now wearing an oldbie hat :P

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