Subject: re: cowrite
Posted on: 2023-01-14 12:57:20 UTC

Oof. I wasn’t too interested in the badfic up to this point, but it really does go completely off the rails at this point, doesn’t it? A teacher trying to start open polyamory with his students, spiking a student’s drink with truth serum, and Ron and Hermione turning evil out of basically nowhere. I mean, I guess not evil per se, since they still want Voldemort dead, but very treacherous and clout-chasing, which still feels quite weird. Plus, it feels like this whole story just exists to set up the second, by introducing (sort of) what Gren Tres are. At least your agents have Billy out of the way, now! Also, I love the idea of the Hyacinth waiting for the mission to nearly be complete, and only then texting from a distance that it’s a two-parter.

No typos, but one error in canon details: Although the Gryffindor girls’ dormitory has an enchanted staircase that doesn’t allow boys to walk up, the boys’ dormitory has no such precaution. In universe, the founders of Hogwarts felt that girls are more trustworthy than boys, and didn’t feel that the precaution needed to be reciprocated on the boys’ staircase. Out of universe . . . considering some of Rowling’s other views on people of different biological sexes interacting, I guess she feels that girls need protection from unwelcome advances, but boys don’t? But I’m sure there’s nothing to unpack there . . .

—doctorlit thinks “Malloy” sounds like a Dark/Steel-type Pokémon

Meanwhile, in the room of Dumbledores . . .

“I must say,” said a Dumbledore who looked like Sir Michael Gambon, “you have a stately presence about you when you speak. You make for a very calm, and steady presence.”

“For my part,” pronounced a Dumbledore who looked like Richard Harris, “I appreciate the energy and movement you bring. It is a sight to behold!”

“Hey, what about me, guys?” A Dumbledore who looked like Jude Law pushed his way through the crowd of Dumbledores. “What do you like about me?”

Gambon!Dumbledore and Harris!Dumbledore turned their heads away and put hands up to block Law!Dumbledore’s view of their eyes. They began to slip deeper into the crowd.

“Guys? Hey, guys! What about me? Guys?”

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