Subject: re: mission
Posted on: 2023-01-23 02:37:08 UTC

Aw, poor Kaguya. He's really just upset at how he loses control during missions, isn't he? But he was able to get through the charge list properly, so that shows he can learn to get better!

I like the idea of some of HQ's younger folks just up and deciding they're a boy band one day! It's funny, and even funnier that they're not great singers. I wonder if they were inspired by the singing "gods" during the Wicked + Divine roleplay? Oh, also love the mental image of a Magic Mirror spirit having to speak the BEEP out loud!

A couple of grammar nitpicks:
". . . they once again each set off on a different direction."
This is usually phrased "in a direction."

". . . permanently altering another person's anatomy for a petty reason, yet is congratulated by everyone else . . ."
To match the verb tense on "altering" and the rest of the charge list, "is" here should be "being."

—doctorlit, watching two dogs wrestle over a bone in the background

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