Subject: You're forgetting the most American pie!
Posted on: 2023-03-15 03:57:27 UTC

Chicago-style pizza-pie! {= D

(But Chicago thin-crust pizza is best, fight me. {; P )

Seriously, though, there are non-chicken meat pies to be found in this country! There's a pie company in my area that does amazing savory pies as well as sweet. I don't think I've even tried their chicken pot pie, because I like the pork-apple-sage and curry-lamb ones so much. And the pot roast pie is good, too.

Shepherd's pie is also a thing here, though it ranges widely in quality.

Plus, if we're including hand pies, there's empanadas!

~Neshomeh will never forget having a laugh about eating Cornish pasties in Bath, Somerset. <3

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