Subject: re: mission
Posted on: 2023-04-27 13:25:17 UTC

I like the idea of the agents wanting to introduce each other to their home canons! Of course, it would be much easier to do so without a mission being involved, though I know convincing Sheen to just take a trip would be difficult. Still, I'm glad they spent some time touring Pixie Hollow once the fic's influence was removed. I am curious, if Sheen enjoyed living in the Hollow so much, why doesn't he just retire and return there? He seemed to hint there was one negative thing keeping him away, and I'm curious to learn what it was . . .

Interesting to see a wraith that had taken the form of a solid character, rather than possessing an existing one! It makes sense, though; I assume there aren't any witches in this series? So no canon character made sense getting drafted for that roll.

I'm suggesting a small change to the following line:
Though, that the Pixie Hollow fairies would be a tad passionate about the horrific damage done to their home continuum was all but unexpected.
I'm pretty sure the "Though" at the front can be dropped entirely. It's not really contrasting with anything in the previous paragraph (Helena wasn't being passionate about the fic's errors there, just focusing on paint colors), so the full sentence starting with "That the . . ." stands fine on its own.

And on a non-mission note, I hope whatever health issue is occurring will resolve without much difficulty. Enjoy your week of rest!

—and doctorlit is pretty positive his pain isn't cool enough, like a sledgehammer to a disco ball

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