Subject: The Sequel to My Immortal? [NSFW just in case because I can't skim it all right now]
Posted on: 2023-04-29 17:30:16 UTC

I've not had time to skim it much yet, but I found what appears to be a "sequel" to My Immortal. I have my doubts this is the same Tara Gilesbie, but the, er... "quality" seems to be there. If it is her, her everything deteriorated.

It's a fanfic for "Wast Win," which going off of some shared character names, I think is supposed to be The West Wing. I've never even heard of that show until now, and it seems like a wildly bizarre pick for a fic like this. Anyways, if anyone here is well versed in The West Wing, here it is, for your sporking consideration:

Chapter one link:

Leave your grammar frustrations at the door because... hoo.

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