Subject: Daily Hobbit Hole generator!
Posted on: 2023-05-09 10:05:52 UTC

For some years I have played about with making Daily [Thing] Generators in Javascript. I've got a Minion (Despicable Me), a fire lizard (Dragonriders of Pern), a lightsaber (Star Wars), and a not-daily TARDIS console room generator (Doctor Who). About a week ago, I asked Kaitlyn what I should make next.

"Hobbit hole," she said without even pausing for thought.

Daily Hobbit Hole Generator

(Requires Javascript. Some older browsers won't run the filters, so you might see some elements only in default colours.)

The generator starts by crafting a Hobbity name of the day, and then uses that to create a matching Hobbit Hole:

You can also put in your own name (unaccented alphanumerics + "-" + " " only, 30 character limit), and have it generate your Hobbit Hole:

The hole is generated from the name, so typing the same name should always get you the same result. I've not hard-coded any houses, but I'm pleased to report that (if canvas filters work in your browser), the house of Bilbo Baggins does have an appropriately green door:

Images can be saved by right-clicking, so feel free to share yours! (Or... just share the name, and people can generate it themselves. ^_^;)


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