Subject: Some Sith need better lines.
Posted on: 2023-05-16 22:23:41 UTC

“I fear nothing!!!” The Sith roared as he leaped, lightsaber lit and raised over his head, ready to attack his foe.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard it all before” Theo sighed as he read the attack and seemingly effortlessly jumped back wincing a little as the lightsaber pierced the floor where he had been standing moments before. He shot a couple of times with his blaster before activating his jetpack, not needing the force to ready where the angry Sith would be aiming for his next swing at him. “Next you’ll say something along the lines of ‘I am the Darkness’ or…”

“I will destroy you!”

“Yeah, exactly.” Theo smirked, raising his cybernetic arm as the lightsaber got a little too close to comfort, the beskar armour protecting it blocking the blow, even if he could feel the push of the Force from the impact.

Not that the Sith seemed to care about that, instead going for another wide open attack that would have left those unused to facing Force users or those scared by his ham-fisted attempts at intimidation cowering if not dead at the hands of his lightsaber. For Theo however, this was hardly the first time he had faced a Sith, and realistically this didn’t even come in his top one ten fights with a Force User (although given he had helped take on names such as Revan and Darth Malgus Theo would admit it took something special to claim a spot on that list). This time Theo opted not to go around the Sith, but over him, fully activating his jetpack as he rose up out of the Sith’s reach before descending behind him, taking full advantage of his position to fire another couple of blaster bolts at the Sith’s backside.

That was, Theo mused to himself, one of the problems when a bounty was to be taken alive. One had to be careful in a battle.

“You can never defeat me, the Dark Side makes me unstoppable!” The Sith roared, before spinning around, trying to literally chop Theo in half, or at least, trying to chop Theo in half if he had been stood right behind the Sith, given that he wasn’t wielding a lightsaber or a knife however Theo was comfortably out of range of the attack.

“Sure you are buddy.” Theo replied, taking a second to size up his foe. Despite the Sith’s proclamations Theo could see that he was beginning to tire, the fact Theo had woken him up after only a couple of hours sleep, probably helping that fact. Still, it was enough for Theo to raise his cybernetic arm, pointing one of the nozzles on the gauntlet directly at the Sith and, with a quick double check to make sure it wasn’t the flamethrower (he’d made that mistake before and his employer at the time had not been happy about that), fired a stun dart directly at the Sith.

Whether it was tiredness or an (incorrect) assumption that anything that wasn’t a lightsaber couldn’t kill him, the Sith didn’t even bother to try and swat the dart aside, instead only realising his mistake as the dart did its job and shocked him into submission. “But… I… am, Sith. It’s… impossible.” he croaked out before falling unconscious.

“I’ve heard that one before too.” Theo said as he looked down at the fallen Sith, tapping another option on his Gauntlet as the stun dart’s nozzle disappeared into the mechanisms that made up both his arm and it’s armour, being replaced by another one that he quickly used to freeze the Sith in carbonite, keeping him secure for the journey back to his ship at least, where he could be properly secured for transport back to Republic space. Walking back he put through a call to his ship “Mako, it’s me. Bounty’s all done, let’s get off this rock.”

For the record, Theo is a DoGA agent of mine (still working on the first mission) and (more importantly), yes I have finally managed to actually write a response to one of my own prompts.


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