Subject: A newbie a second time?
Posted on: 2023-05-24 13:43:56 UTC

Hey, PPC.

Hope everyone on here is well! I briefly hung around here in the spring of 2016, and several years and many life events later I've decided to stop by again.

Back in the day, I posted as Ivy-M-Blue, talked about Sherlock and Doctor Who, and had a small weekly post where I would deduce things about Board members based on photos of their room.

Currently -- well, turns out I'm trans, and I go by CJ and use he/him pronouns. I enjoy Disco Elysium and am yet to find a TV show or movie recently that's really caught and kept my attention. I'll keep a sentence from my old introduction as it still does a fairly good job at summing things up: in addition to being a voracious reader, I am a musician, an athlete, a student, an actor, and occasionally a good person.

Nice to re-meet everyone, and meet people anew!

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