Subject: Recommending Qoheleth by Makyo
Posted on: 2023-05-25 20:40:46 UTC

Are you interested in transhumanist sci-fi that explores questions of what "identify" and "being yourself" even mean when you're a digital upload of a person who can make fork into multiple copies of themselves (or even if you've gotten into simulated reality)?

Do you like your fiction casually queer? (Several characters are nonbinary, for example, and this has no impact on the plot)

Do you not particularly mind several characters being anthropomorphic foxes*?

Then you might very well like Qoheleth by Makyo. I finished listening to it lately (the book is free and there's an audiobook done by the author) and quite enjoyed it. It's not a particularly light or fluffy read - you may end up considering what it means to be you or punched in the feels, for instance - but if you're in the mood for something like that, I'd recommendQoheleth.

(I can't comment on the sequels, having not read them yet)

My main complaint is that the book has two plotlines that are almost independent of each other and that, because of said almost along with thematic reasons, it interleaves them. This means that you'll need to wait for a bit for the camera to come back around in a few placesz even though you want to know what happens next now.

*: No, I will not be expanding why I put a footnote on that lest it be spoilers.

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