Subject: re: mission
Posted on: 2023-08-09 12:43:10 UTC

Oh, yeah, no, Sheen’s probably not the go-to guy for gentleman training. His definition of masculinity is just toxic classism expressed through appearances and arbitrary rules. And I feel like, for a second here, Urato came so close to realizing that beating Kaguya wouldn’t actually mean anything . . . Sheen and Urato are perfectly opposite personalities, and it was fun watching them clash!

. . . Gee. I’ve always looked down on Sheen for his rigid attitude, and felt like we were nothing alike, but his line about “what matters is not my comfort” hits very close to home. Of course, for me, it’s about putting the planet first, not just obeying authority, but feeling any kind of solidarity with Sheen is not a good feeling . . .

—doctorlit is waiting for all these guys to realize that being a “gentleman” just means being kind and selfless . . .

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